For more information about donations and supporting the children of McKinley, call Crystal Robbertze, Development Assistant at (909) 599-1227 EXT. 2127

For more information on our non-profit schools, call Dwight Counsel, Vice President of Education, at (909) 599-1227 EXT. 2115.

For press inquiries, call Cynthia Reyes, Community Outreach Coordinator (909) 599-1227 EXT. 1827.

For more information on our Foster Family and Adoption Agency (FFA), call Julissa Castillo, Vice President of FFA, at (909) 599-1227 EXT. 1224.

For more information on our Short-Term Residential Treatment Program STRTP, call Talesha Payne, Director of Residential, at (909) 599-1227 EXT. 2746.

For more information on our mental health services, call Ira Kruskol, Senior Vice President of Programs, at (909) 599-1227 EXT. 1738.

For general information, please email or Contact Crystal Robbertze at (909)599-1227 ext. 2127.